Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate 1.3

Platform game set in the future


  • Simple to play and lots of levels
  • Fast and furious gameplay


  • Poor graphics

Not bad

This game is never going to win any awards for graphics but in terms of gameplay, it's actually very addictive. It reminds me of Citadel which was a classic game on the Amiga all those years ago. The plot is thus - the Earth has been ravaged by the effects of radioactivity, and you are one of the few survivors. You have to follow the dark underground passageways filled with mutants to reach a secret base that is the only safe retreat on the planet.

This is classic platform action - simply shoot and dodge both enemies and their bullets. Each level is full of traps. mutants objects, bullets but also power-up and special weapons to help you get through the maze of tunnels. The graphics are more grimy than glamorous but this just adds to the charm of it.

This is simple, fast and furious action that takes you to the extremes of Armageddon and back again - great fun.

The world has suffered a nuclear fallout and all that's left is you and a secret base to save the world from ultimate doom

Take on the ghosts and goblins of the underworld, navigate your way through the maze and save the world from a nuclear holocaust in this superb platforms action game.

Entrance Gate


Entrance Gate 1.3

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